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Boost Your Well-being at Pinkus Family Chiropractic

Welcome to Pinkus Family Chiropractic! At our family-oriented practice, Manchester Chiropractors Dr. Katie and Dr. Brenton Pinkus support the needs of all ages. Our husband-and-wife team offers comprehensive skill sets that allow babies, children, adults and athletes to benefit from our unique approach to health care.

Achieving Wellness, One Adjustment at A Time

We love supporting and guiding the people in our family-oriented community with chiropractic care. Since 2002, we’ve enjoyed being in a historic area of Manchester, assisting our practice members in achieving wellness through proper alignment of the spine. We offer many different techniques that assist your body in being able to use its natural capacity for healing. The other services available at our office include Active Release Techniques®, massage therapy, Kinesio Taping®, Quantum Biofeedback and cold laser therapy.